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8.2. General usage of Zarafa-admin tool

ZCP offers the zarafa-admin administration tool for managing user and groups. When using the DB plugin the tool can be used to create or delete users and groups. When using the unix or ldap plugin the tool can’t be used for creation of users and groups, but the tool can still be used to get more information about users and groups.
All available users or groups can be displayed by using the following commands:
zarafa-admin -l
zarafa-admin -L
To display more information of a specific user, use:
zarafa-admin --details john
Username:              john
Fullname:              John Doe
Emailaddress:          [email protected]
Active:                yes
Administrator:         no
Address book:          Visible
Last logon:            03/25/11 19:50:29
Last logoff:           03/25/11 19:50:29
Quota overrides:       no
Warning level:         1024 MB
Soft level:            2048 MB
Hard level:            3072 MB
Current store size:    462 MB
Groups (1):
       Sales team
To display more information of a specific group, use:
zarafa-admin --details sales --type group
Groupname:             sales
Fullname:              sales
Address book:          Visible
Users (1):
       Username        Fullname        Homeserver
       john            John Doe
       mary            Mary Jones
When a user is deleted the mailbox of the user will be still kept in the database. Use the following command to retrieve a list of stores without a user, and users without a store:
 /usr/sbin/zarafa-admin --list-orphans
 Stores without users:
        Store guid                              Guessed username        Last modified     Store size
        CAC27E6D70BB45B0B712B760AE6BA0A8        steve                   2010/03/22 14:22  2334KB

 Users without stores:
It can be decided to remove the store from the database or hook the store to another user to be able to access it once again. To remove the store from the database, an action which is irreversible, use the following command:
/usr/sbin/zarafa-admin --remove-store <store-guid>
To hook the store to another user, use the following command:
/usr/sbin/zarafa-admin --hook-store <store-guid> -u <user>
The user given with the -u option will now have the new store attached to it. Re-login with the webaccess or create a new profile in Outlook to access the store.


When a store is hooked to a user that already has a store attached to it, the original store will be orphaned. This original store can be found using the list-orphans options of the zarafa-admin command.


In ZCP 6.30.6 and earlier versions, the store of the user was moved to the “Deleted Stores” folder in the public store after a user deletion. This folder is only available for administrative users. Administrators can browse the folders or delete the deleted stores completely by removing the corresponding folder from the “Deleted stores” folder. This is relevant for all user plugins.
More information about all options of the zarafa-admin can be found in the man-page.
man zarafa-admin