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7.5. Soft Delete system

If a user deletes emails, calendar items or complete folders, there are by default moved to the Deleted Items folder.
When the items are removed from the Deleted Items, the items still will not be fully removed from the database. Rather, they are marked as deleted, so the user does not see the items. Even when a user deletes items with <SHIFT> <delete> they are not removed from the database, but marked as deleted.
This makes restoring of items quick and easy from Outlook: choose Extra from the menu bar in Outlook menu, and click on Restore deleted items. Items are grouped by the folder they were deleted from. Most items will appear in the Deleted Items folder as they have been removed from that location.
Soft deletes always remain in the database, until they are purged. When an item will be purged is set by the softdelete_lifetime configuration value. The default value is 30 (days).
In this example, the value is set to 30. This means that deleted items will be purged from the database 30 days after they were deleted. When this option is set to 0 (zero), the items will never be removed from the database.
Purges can also be triggered with the following command:
zarafa-admin --purge-softdelete <days>
<days> denotes the number of days that recently removed items are kept. When 0 (zero) all removed items are purged.
For performance reasons a manual purge of the softdelete system is advisable for larger ZCP environments. This can be simply configured by a cron job.