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2.6. Multiple calendar views

The Zarafa WebAccess calendar has five different views:
Views can be switched via the four buttons in the tool bar.
The date picker is used to move the view to another day/week/month, which is at the top right of the screen when the calendar is opened.

2.6.1. Move/delete appointment Move appointment

An appointment can be moved to another time/date by selecting the item and dragging it to the new date and time. Alternatively, (for instance if the new date is not in the current view) an appointment can be opened (either by double clicking on it or by right clicking on it and choosing the Open option), which presents a dialog where the new date and time can be set. Delete appointment

Appointments are deleted by the delete button in the context menu that shows when clicking on an appointment with the right mouse button. Alternatively, one can use the Delete button in the tool bar, or the Del/Delete key on the keyboard.