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2.2. Managing folders

Creating, moving, renaming, copying or deleting (sub) folders is accomplished with the right mouse button in the folder list. This pops-up a context menu as shown in Figure 2.3, “The context menu of a folder”.
Context menu of a folder
Figure 2.3. The context menu of a folder

It is not possible to delete, move, or rename default Outlook folders (like Inbox, Calendar and Contacts).

2.2.1. Printing

It is possible to print email, appointments, and contacts from the WebAccess. Simply use the Print button from the toolbar.
Following these steps it is also possible to print calendar overviews of a day, a week or a month.

2.2.2. Resizing panes

Just like in Outlook it is possible to resize the panes in the WebAccess, allowing full control of the width and height of the workspace in each pane. To do so place the mouse between two panes en drag the pane border to the prefered location.

2.2.3. Empty deleted items folder

The Deleted Items folder can be emptied by using the right mouse button, and selecting option Empty folder from the contect menu. This option is only available from the context menu (accessed with the right mouse button) of the Deleted Items folder and the Junk Email folder (if it exists).

2.2.4. Restore items

When deleting an item in the Deleted Items folder or the Junk Email folder, the item is still temporarily recoverable. Select the Deleted Items folder or Junk Email folder, and use the button Restore Item in the bar at the top. As shown in Figure 2.4, “The soft delete restore window” it is possible to restore all or a selection of the deleted messages or folders. The restored items will be moved to the old location. Deleting items from Figure 2.4, “The soft delete restore window” removes them permanently — in that case only backups can recover an item. When restoring a folder, only that folder will be restored. If the restored folder contained subfolders, these can be restored by selecting the just restored folder and clicking on the Restore Item button again.
Restorable Items
Figure 2.4. The soft delete restore window

2.2.5. Marking all messages in a folder as read

Marking all messages in a folder as “read” is accomplished by the right mouse button menu option Mark All Messages Read. Please note that when this option is selected, no read receipts will be sent when requested by a sender, even if that option is selected in the settings.

2.2.6. Properties

The right mouse button menu option Properties shows additional information about a folder (like the storage size and the number of items in this folder). For more details about the storage size, use the button Folder size…. Here a list containing all subfolders in the folder including their individual storage sizes can be seen.