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Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Scope of this document
The Zarafa Collaboration Platform (ZCP) combines the usability of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange with the stability and flexibility of a Linux server. It features a rich web-interface, the Zarafa WebAccess, and provides brilliant integration options with all sorts of clients including all most popular mobile platforms. Most components of ZCP are open source, licensed under the AGPLv3, can therefore be downloaded freely with ZCP’s Community Edition.
Several closed source components exist, most notably:
These components, together with several advanced features for large setups and hosters, are only available in combination with a support agreement as part of ZCP’s Commercial Editions.
Alternatively there is a wide selection of hosted ZCP offerings available.
This document, the User Manual, describes how to use ZCP from a user’s view point.

1.1. Scope of this document

This manual is intended for users of the Zarafa Collaboration platform. Users interact with this platform by several means:
  • Microsoft Outlook and the Zarafa Windows Client,
  • the Zarafa WebAccess, our open source web-based groupware solution, and
  • various mobile platforms like: BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone.