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2.14. Firefox Extensions

Since the Zarafa WebAccess is web application, it cannot deliver all functionality a native application can. Especially integration with the desktop is hard for web applications. To overcome this Zarafa has released two extensions for Mozilla Firefox, since most of our clients use this fully open source browser.
Currently Zarafa offers two Firefox extensions from its website:

2.14.1. Zarafa Attachment Drag ‘n’ Drop Extension

By installing this plug-in it is possible to use drag-and-drop for files in order to attach them to messages. It is possible to drag and drop a single file or a selection of multiple files.
From 6.40.4 up, this plug-in also allows messages to be dragged and dropped to the desktop. This function is used by selecting one or more messages and then dragging and dropping the envelope-icon to your desktop, as seen in Figure 2.62, “Drag messages to desktop icon”.


From 6.40.5 up, the add-on is no longer included in the ZCP packages, and can only be installed from the Mozilla FireFox add-ons site located at
Drag messages to desktop icon
Figure 2.62. Drag messages to desktop icon

2.14.2. Zarafa New Mail Notification Extension

The Zarafa New Mail Notification Extension allows users to check their Zarafa Inbox without opening the Zarafa WebAccess or Outlook. A Zarafa icon is put in the bottom right corner of the Firefox browser and will inform the users about incoming mail. A double click on the icon will redirect users directly to their WebAccess. Settings

With a right-click on the Zarafa icon the extension’s settings are accessible, as shown in Figure 2.63, “Zarafa Mail-checker extension settings”.
Zarafa Mail-checker extension settings
Figure 2.63. Zarafa Mail-checker extension settings

It is possible to activate or deactivate the plug-in.
It is necessary to fill in the url of the Zarafa WebAccess and the user’s username.
The advanced settings allow the user to personalise the plug-in by changing the time interval for mail check and enabling/disabling the notification for new mail. It is also possible to specify how the Zarafa WebAccess should be opened when double clicking on the Zarafa icon, and to enable or disable automatic login to the WebAccess.