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2.12. Rules

Rules automatically perform actions on incoming messages based on certain criteria, they can move, copy, delete or forward the message. When a message is deliverd the rules are applied directly on the Zarafa Server, so a user does not have to be logged in to execute the rules.
To create or edit rules, first open the Rules dialog by clicking on the Rules button in the tool bar (see: Figure 2.55, “Rules button”). This button only shows when a mail folder is opened.
Rules button
Figure 2.55. Rules button

A dialog as shown in Figure 2.56, “Rules overview dialog” is presented. In this dialog a user’s rules can be created, modified or deleted. It is also possible to change the order in which the rules are applied. To change the order of a rule select it and click the Up or Down button.
To disable a rule without deleting it, click the checkbox in front of that rule. Only checked rules will be executed upon the arrival of new mail. After checking or unchecking rules, click the Ok button to save the changes to the server.
Rules overview dialog
Figure 2.56. Rules overview dialog

To create a new rule, click the New button in the Rules dialog. The dialog as shown in Figure 2.57, “Add/edit rules dialog” is presented. This is the same dialog as the dialog for editing rules which is opened by selecting a rule from the Rules dialog and clicking the Edit button.
Add/edit rules dialog
Figure 2.57. Add/edit rules dialog

In the Rule name field a short description of the rule — to identify it in the rules overview dialog — can be provided. Below the Rule name field the criteria of the rule are specified. The incoming message can be matched by sender address, by subject, by the priority it has, by the recipient address, or based on if the message has “only been sent to me”. These criteria can be combined to match messages more specifically. The buttons behind the input fields to open the Address Book to select an email address.


All the criteria filled in must be fulfilled in order for an email to be seen as matching the rule.
While it is possible to combine the *Sent to* Contact or distributionlist and the Sent only to me criteria, they can potentially contradict each other thereby rendering the rule useless.
Finally the action must be picked. This speaks for itself. When setting the move or copy action, the destination folder must be specified by clicking on the underlined text.
When finished close the dialog by clicking the Ok button. To save the rule, the Rules overview dialog must also be closed by clicking Ok.