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Python MAPI bindings

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The python MAPI bindings allow full access to Zarafa's messaging api MAPI.

1. Introduction
2. Target audience
3. Conventions
3.1. Objects
3.2. Modules
3.2.1. MAPI.Struct
3.2.2. MAPI.Time
3.2.3. MAPI.Tags
3.2.4. MAPI.Defs
3.2.5. MAPI.Util
3.3. Parameters
3.4. Errors
3.5. Flags
3.6. Methods
3.7. Character sets and Unicode
3.8. Memory management
4. Getting Started
4.1. Starting a session
4.2. Opening a store
4.3. Opening the inbox
4.4. Using tables: listing messages
4.5. Opening a message
4.6. Getting attachments
4.7. Writing data
4.8. Recipients
4.9. Restrictions
4.10. Hierarchy
4.11. Default folders